Valve to Release Duke Nukem Forever?

Latest pc gaming news out there have news about another rumour, the question is if its true or not. Source engine 2? EA? T2? June 18th 2010? Figure it out for yourself, what do you think? Remember the article on BBSpot talking about Valve buying rights for Duke Nukem? “We see this more as an IP or content acquisition […]

Zeno Clash free DLC for GMod

The Zeno Clash team just released brand new downloadable content including 49 Character models, 14 Creature Models and 8 Weapon Models of Zeno Clash for Garry’s Mod. The Ace Team hopes that this will inspire many GMod players to actually create videos, screens or machinima. Naturally, the model pack will be free to download and […]


DIPRIP (or ‘Die in Pain Rest in Peace’) will soon bring its drive-and-shoot-em-up Steam-wards. Steamfriends were invited to take a look and now bring you all the details. A Bit Twisted Right off the mark, we should point out that DIPRIP is a complete clone of the acclaimed ‘Twisted Metal’. Players drive huge beasts of […]

Portal Review

Your name is Chell and you are a test participant at the ‘Combine Portal User Training Facility’. You have been supplied with the ‘Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device’ (a.k.a. The Portal Gun) with which you now have the ability to create portals which you can jump into and come back out of at your beck […]