Team Fortress 2 Hanging on your System?

DougV, a Valve Software employee has posted on the Steam Forums recommended actions for those who are experiencing hanging behaviour in TF2 should take. It can be expected with the initial release of a game, especially a beta, that some people are sure to run into issues running the game. DougV’s thread outlines the steps […]

SourceBans RC 1 Released! *UPDATE*

SourceBans Release Candidate (RC) 1 has been released. Many wondered if it was ever going to happen, but the wait is over and here it is. SourceBans started of as an idea about half a year ago when SourceMod started to get more into a useable stage, but the idea of such a tool has […]

Call of Duty 4 coming to Steam! *UPDATE*

We just got an official statement from Activision telling us that Call of Duty 4 will be available on Steam. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the new action-thriller from the award-winning team at Infinity Ward, the creators of the Call of Duty® series, delivers the most intense and cinematic action experience ever. Armed with […] Orange box contest

The Orange Box is nigh. If that sounds a bit like the apocalypse, it’s because it is – the end-all gaming package is slated for release on the 10th of October, and it might well end up changing the landscape of gaming as we know it. And you get two copies for free, right here. […]

Steam Peer-to-Peer files *Update*

It seems Valve has done an update to P2P files hidden within Steam. The Steam Community’s voice chat is carried over Steam’s new BitTorrent-based P2P network, and the separation of the binaries that work that little bit of magic (into bin/p2pcore.dll and bin/p2pvoice.dll) strongly suggests that we’ll be seeing more applications of the technology at […]

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