HL2 Orange box contest: Winners announced

The time has come and it was a very difficult decision. We got so many replies to our Orange box contest that we actually had to sit down for a couple of days to discuss each and every single Letter to Santa you all wrote. But, as with all contests a winner had to be […]

Team Fortress 2 Hanging on your System?

DougV, a Valve Software employee has posted on the Steam Forums recommended actions for those who are experiencing hanging behaviour in TF2 should take. It can be expected with the initial release of a game, especially a beta, that some people are sure to run into issues running the game. DougV’s thread outlines the steps […]

Sourcebans update 1.0.0 RC1c *UPDATE*

We are happy to announce another update to our first Release Candidate of the SourceBans project for SourceMod. Right now we are mainly working on squashing as many bugs as possible and adding some extra functionality. This update includes only updated WEB files! Full changelog – 1.0.0 RC1c 19.sept.2007 – 20:40 * Fixed admin to […]

Playerstats coming to CS:S and DOD:S

Since the release of the new Source engine included with the Orange box for Team Fortress 2 beta, a lot of people love the integrated Steam profile statistics. We just got confirmation from Valve that this is going to be implemented for all older Source games aswell. Some changes are going to happen soon that […]

SourceBans RC 1 Released! *UPDATE*

SourceBans Release Candidate (RC) 1 has been released. Many wondered if it was ever going to happen, but the wait is over and here it is. SourceBans started of as an idea about half a year ago when SourceMod started to get more into a useable stage, but the idea of such a tool has […]